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About Hypnos

About Center for Sleep Medicine and Otorhinolaryngology

Center for Sleep Medicine and Otorhinolaryngology Hypnos can quickly and easily solve your problems in these areas.

Snoring and apnea (sleep disruption) are common in adults, but also in children. Apnea may be the cause of restless sleep, full-day fatigue, irritability, daily sleepiness, traffic accidents, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases. Diagnosis is easy to make based on interviews, filling in special questionnaires, and ultimately one-time recording at Hypnos clinic, or at home.

Pain and itching of the ear, weakened hearing, ear inflammation, dizziness, difficulty breathing through nose and nose allergy, sinusitis, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and throat pain are just some of the disturbances we can easily solve. In addition we do corrections of the ears, nasal partitions and nose.
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